Raging Stallion: Derek Atlas and Coby Mitchell


Sexy Dr. Derek Atlas has a hot patient, bald bad-ass Coby Mitchell, who’s been having some challenges getting off. After checking his vitals, Dr. Derek takes advantage of the situation by suggesting that anal stimulation might be the answer to Coby’s issues. Unsure of what the doctor has in mind, Coby questioningly gets on all fours on the examination table. Dr. Derek proceeds to dive into Coby’s bubble butt for some serious rimming.

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Bel Ami: Justin Saradon


What is there not to love about a twink with an enormous dick? As we have seen over on KinkyAngels, Justin Saradon is a natural born porn star, not only possessing a big dick of his own, loves getting fucked by them as well. In a bit of a mutiny, it seems that Luke decided that he wanted to handle this photosession all by himself rather than hand it off to our usual photographer, Eliot…. and who can blame him even for just 1 second.

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Do You Enjoy A Good Ol’ Striptease Before The Proper Wank?

Do You Enjoy A Good Ol' Striptease Before The Proper Wank?

A slow build-up that leads to a big reveal, if handled well, can really make or break a wank video!

Take this “Grade A” hunk for example. He really took his time to get rid off every piece of clothing before jerking off for you. Did he succeed in making you want to wait until the end or did you fast forward to the money shot?

Watch this super hot new video to find your answers. One of the many gems that you can find in the Premium section of Sticky. And it’s FREE to all our readers and fans.

Let us know your impression in the comments!

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Ryan Guzman, Wyatt Russell And Tanner Kalina Go Butt Naked In “Everybody Wants Some” – Plus Other Shirtless Actors From The Movie!


The movie “Everybody Wants Some” has been called one of the accidentally” gayest films of the year and with good reason!

Written and directed by Richard Linklater in 2016, EWS is an American sports comedy about college baseball players in 1980. A time when shaggy long hair, super short shorts and jockstraps reigned supreme. The cast is jam-packed with hunks but three in particular stood out above the rest.

Ryan Guzman, Wyatt Russell and Tanner Kalina not only shared some homoerotic scenes with their co-stars, they also dared to expose their naked butts in the movie. When we refer to the homoeroticism of this movie we’re not kidding… there’s even an ass-to-face situation during a locker-room scene!

Make the jump to see these three butt-naked actors and let us know who’s your favorite!

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English Lads: Aiden Walsh and Tyler Hirst


It has taken some time for Aiden to be comfortable with the idea his cock is going to get sucked, he seems pretty open to ideas, but at the end of the day it’s a different thing agreeing to something to actually doing it! He was a little cautious today, though his cock is soon lovely and hard and Aiden has one massive uncut cock, so when its aroused you can’t miss it!

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Drill Him: Dumpster on Base


He’d heard about this kind of initiation but figured it was just a tall tale. It wasn’t until he was on his knees servicing 3 huge dicks that he realized it was
true. He thought for sure the Sergeant would break this all up, but he slammed his ass harder than any of the other privates. So instead, he ended up being fucked by all the men and turned into a sex pig for their satisfaction. He quickly learns his place and takes them all bareback like a good little cum dumpster, Drill Him style.

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CollegeDudes: Jay Alexander and Zeke Weidman Flip Fuck

CollegeDudes: Jay Alexander and Zeke Weidman Flip Fuck

Zeke Weidman is grabbing for Jay Alexander’s cock the moment their lips meet, desperate to get to that big dick as he sucks Jay’s nipple and each of them strip off their clothes. Jay works his way down to Zeke’s juicy prick first, taking that sweet cock in his mouth and giving some amazing oral as he deepthroats Zeke’s hard cock and licks his balls.

When it’s Zeke’s turn to go down on Jay, he tackles that huge dick like a man, shoving it down his throat and working it with his hand as he gets that curved cock harder and harder! Jay gives Zeke’s ass some attention next, spreading him apart and burying his face between those nice ass cheeks, rimming and fingering Zeke’s tight hole before he buries his cock in it next!

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Gayhoopla: Jesse Brooks


Okay… Gayhoopla has kept this perfect ass in the vault a little to long. Jesse Brooks has incredible ass he’s certainly proud of. He is a personal trainer right now and one day hopes to open his own gym. He’s actually best friends with Brad Bison who he met at the gym and later became lifting buddies with. Jesse is a sweet guy who really knows how to make those around him feel comfortable. We asked Jesse how he got that ass, and he said it was 30 minutes of jump rope every morning.

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